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We develop and manufacture apparel and other soft goods all under one roof. We specialize in functional goods and slow fashion. We make everthing in the USA. We have a staff of 25+ and pattern digitally, 3D virtual prototype, cut and sew prototype, create spec sheets and manufacture. We offer free consultations if you contact us!


    Concept Step 1 - Design - Helping you define the nitty gritty details of your concept.
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    Pattern Making
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    Sample Making Step 3 - Tech Design - Essentially this is a blue print for your product. It lists all construction and quality control details.
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    Production Step 4 - Production - We produce the apparel all under on roof in Minnesota. Small minimum order requirements - Some of the smallest out there!
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Slow Fashion
Supportive wear
Strength Training
Physical Therapy
Special Needs
Medical Device Apparel
Mother & Baby
... and 19 more

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